Hundreds of locations. Thousands of facilities. One you.

Whether regional or national, your business has dozens of day-to-day facilities needs.
There are vendors to hire, countless phone calls to field and plenty of invoices to juggle.
Even for the most organized company, this can be a daunting task.

Take your facilities from stressful to streamlined.

Facilities USA makes a complicated task simple. After ensuring that each location is receiving
the right amount of service for the right price, we consolidate your company’s portfolio and manage the daily operations for you.

A phone call away – we’re there when you need us.

Just one phone call connects you with our 24/7 telephone help line, operated by knowledgeable, friendly staff who are intimately familiar with your account and able to provide real-time help.
Accessible and available across USA, PR and Canada.

Our network of pre-approved vendors is highly qualified and available anywhere in the USA, PR and Canada. From the smallest towns to the biggest cities, we provide the best quality vendors for the lowest price possible.
One invoice – billing made easy.

No more paperwork pile-up. We send you one weekly or monthly invoice with clear, consolidated billing details. To save you even more time, we offer electronic invoicing and coded payment options.

Facilities USA is here to take the hassle off your hands.
Call us today at 1-855–843-4300 to take advantage of our superior,
time-saving facilities management services.

The first job is on us!


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