Here’s how we make facilities management easy and efficient:

A streamlined facilities portfolio

• We work directly with location managers to ensure that each location in
--your company is receiving the right level of service.
• Places with too much or too little service are identified, helping to reduce --unnecessary costs.
• Once a customized, consolidated plan is in place, we take the
--management off of your hands and oversee the daily operations.

Qualified vendors across the country

• Our pre-approved vendors have a proven track record of success and
--are available in every region of the USA, PR, and Canada.
• Requests are processed as soon they are received; last-minute requests
--can almost always be accommodated.
• Our 24/7 telephone help line allows you to reach knowledgeable, helpful
--representatives during and after regular business hours.
Easy invoicing

• All the info you need is consolidated into one weekly or monthly invoice.
• We provide the type of invoice that’s most convenient for you; hard copy
--or electronic.
• Coded invoices make for easy interface with your company’s accounting
Cost savings

• Through expert analysis, we identify areas where service can be adjusted
--to save you money.
• Volume buying power means we’re able to secure better rates than an --
--individual company.
• Although savings are often far greater, we guarantee a minimum of 10%
--below market rate for certain trades.
We provide quality service providers
in the following trades:
Recycling Implementation

Waste Reduction & Removal

Security Guards

Fire Safety Programs
Fire Extinguisher Inspections & Tagging
Fire Suppression Systems
Fire Alarm Systems

Pest Control

Elevator & Escalator Maintenance

Storefront Cleaning & Maintenance

Facilities USA is here to take the hassle off your hands.
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