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Preventative Maintenance and Facility Management in Alaska

The largest state according to size, Alaska is one of the most fascinating places in the United States. With a population of over 730,000, the northwestern American state is known for its cold weather, aurora lights, and gold.

While gold is amply abundant in Alaska, 80 percent of its economic revenue comes from the buzzing oil and gas industry. Following behind are mining, seafood processing, and wood industries, contributing largely to the rapidly growing Alaskan economy. In recent years, the state has also seen a boom in the tourism and service industry as entrepreneurs test the Alaskan waters with new ventures and ideas.

With an abundance of natural minerals that prompt most businesses to venture into the mining industry, Alaska, however, has difficulty when it comes to logistical coordination withother parts of the country.

Road-based logistics in Alaska are a challenge. This makes it a tremendously difficult task for Alaska-based businesses to implement maintenance, waste management, and commercial recycling solutions like other businesses in the U.S.

This is where we step in. With over 30 years of experience in facility management and access toa wide network of experts in the U.S., Facilities USA caters to all facility management and maintenance needs of Alaskan businesses.

If you are a business based out of Alaska that needs logistics, security, commercial waste management, fire protection, or preventative maintenance facilities, we are just a call away.

What Do We Do?

We have clients spread across 30 different industries who engage us for the following services:

Why Choose Us?

In the last 31 years of our establishment, we have had the honor to serve clients in 30 different trades across all the major states of the U.S. This makes us a unique facility management service provider with access, understanding, and expertise of various trades and facility management operations.

We offer tailored solutions to our clients based on their industry needs, business capacity, and geographical dynamics.With our services, we can be a reliable facility management partner for businesses in Alaska that are in need of tailored facility management and backend support.

Moreover, we take pride in our extensive network of partners who are experts in their respective service industries. From commercial waste management providers to fire protection contractors, we offer the best of the lot for all our clients across all the states.

For businesses in Alaska that seek to grow against geographic and economic challenges, we provide a plethora of services at affordable prices. We also ensure that you always have us on your back through 24/7 dashboard access and dedicated account managers.

Our money-back guarantee feature is another feather in our cap as we give our clients the opportunity to trust us without risking their money.

If you wish to know more about our facility management services, email us today at Inquiry@FacilitiesUSA.com.





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