The Importance Of Elevator Maintenance

Elevator with a yellow door.

Elevator with a yellow door.

The elevator is an important part of a commercial property. Experts estimate that there are around one million elevators in the United States, and each serves around 20,000 people a year.

Elevators ensure accessibility for all, make it easier to deliver larger items, and are easier on employees and customers too. Most people rely on elevators to get to places, and therefore, they must be well-maintained.

Here’s why elevator maintenance is so important:

Reduces the chances of frequent repairs

Elevators require numerous components to work well. If one component isn’t working effectively, the entire elevator is inoperable. The need for repairs can be reduced by running regular checks as instructed by experts.

If your business’s elevator requires repairs frequently and you have to constantly put an “out of order” sign, it’s an inconvenience to customers and employees. It’s also not fair to those who rely on the elevator to move about due to accessibility issues. Customers will also find it inconvenient and eventually find other places to visit instead, affecting your business.  

Guarantees safety

While elevators are a necessity in commercial buildings, they can also cause serious injuries. According to the CDC, 17,000 people are injured in elevator accidents, and 30 people lose their lives every year. Elevators, therefore, need to be maintained and regulated to protect the people using them every day.

Even getting stuck in an elevator is a traumatizing experience and can prevent individuals from entering an elevator again. To prevent such scary and dangerous experiences on your commercial premises, make sure the elevator is maintained by experienced professionals.

A person waiting for an elevator.

A person waiting for an elevator.

Prolongs the lifespan of the elevator

Elevators are designed to last around two decades before they need to be replaced. While two decades seems like a long time, an elevator’s lifespan can be immensely reduced without regular maintenance and repairs. Elevator maintenance by trained and experienced individuals reduces the incidences of frequent breakdowns. Such professionals can detect problems early on and repair them. It helps the organization save money in the long run, too, as major repairs are more costly than maintenance checks.

Reduces the chance of sudden breakdowns

Elevator breakdowns in office buildings, apartment complexes, healthcare facilities, hotels, and malls are an inconvenience. The maintenance of such properties factors in elevator maintenance; however, unforeseen breakdowns affect the operations of the place, particularly a hospital where it’s crucial to have functioning elevators. These unforeseen breakdowns can be significantly reduced with the help of efficient and effective elevator maintenance.

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