Customized Preventative Maintenance Services In Wisconsin

Facilities USA All-Round Facility Management and Maintenance Services in Wisconsin

Known as America’s Dairyland and famous for its delish cheese and beer, Wisconsin is the home to over 5.8 million people. With forests, museums, and beautiful views, the Midwestern state ranks among the top 25 richest states in the U.S.


Wisconsin is also the hub of over 400,000 businesses, including the headquarters of one of the biggest beer producers. The state is hailed for its cuisine, entertainment avenues, and booming business sector spread across numerous industries.


To make things a tad bit easier for the large number of businesses operating out of Wisconsin, Facilities USA offers a wide range of facility management and maintenance services. With our expertise, wide network of affiliate partners, and robust resources, businesses that seek to expand their foothold in Wisconsin can now do so seamlessly by getting us onboard.


What Do We Do?


Spread across 30 different trades, Facilities USA offers a diverse range of services to cater to varying business needs. We support maintenance, management, scheduling, and staffing operations for businesses in multi-locations. Here’s what we can do for you in Wisconsin.


What Makes Us Different?


Contrary to the bureaucratic, traditional, and slow-paced facility management, we aim to provide quick and optimized solutions to our clients. Ever since we commenced our operations in 1991, we have carved a niche for ourselves as the facility management service offering tailor-made, agile solutions.


With our widespread network of affiliate partners and dedicated account managers, each client gets individual attention while working with us. We tend to cover all the operations and management tasks for our clients while we push them to excel at their core business. Our goal is to facilitate our clients at every step of the way to run a business and fulfill their goals successfully.


It’s due to our knack to take up challenges that we cater to hundreds of clients across different industries. With 30 years of serving clients across 30 different industries, we take pride in our vast experience, industry insights, and resources that help us do more for our clients whenever they need it.


Whether you need carpentry, landscaping, security, fire alarm systems, or commercial waste management service, we help you devise plans, implement strategies, and execute tasks without business downtime.


If you seek full-service facility management, operation, and maintenance support, reach out to us at’d be happy to provide you with an optimized solution for your business needs.





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