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Facilities Management Solutions in Texas

A preventive maintenance program acts as a safety shield for your residential, commercial, or industrial facility. Ensuring occupants’ safety, code compliance, and structural integrity is one of the biggest challenges many property owners face today. This is where we step in.


With full-service facilities solutions in Texas, Facilities USA helps businesses and private property owners stay on top of building maintenance. Our services include everything from pest control and HVAC maintenance and repair to fire and life safety protection services in TX.


Our team of experienced, detail-oriented, and insured property maintenance workers work to reduce failure risks in your facility and replenish them with advanced prevention practices.

Preventive Maintenance Solutions in Texas

Preventive maintenance plays an extremely significant role in preventing fire hazards, HVAC failures, safety issues, and waste inefficiencies in a building. One faulty fire sprinkler or a smoke detector can lead to bigger faults and higher repair costs in the long term. We can:

  • Help you manage and monitor your building hazard response systems.

  • Make your building compliant with national and state-level regulations.

  • Introduce a cost-efficient preventive maintenance plan tailored to meet your facility’s needs.

  • Deploy trained and efficient guards to promote building safety and protection.

  • Improve useful life of electric, mechanical, waste management, and fire prevention systems.


Therefore, as a building owner, you must employ reliable property managers and maintenance solution providers. Facilities USA can develop a customized preventive maintenance program for your facility. You can avail one or a blend of different facility solutions to meet the needs of your property.


We’re a full-service facilities solutions provider offering security, staffing, operation scheduling, and invoicing services in Texas. Our licensed technicians can perform regular inspections and ensure that your building’s HVAC, fire prevention, and waste management systems are fully functional.  

Improve Safety with Reliable Security Guards in TX

Safety is an important aspect of building maintenance. Facilities USA provides qualified guards who are quick at implementing responsive safety practices. You can choose from armed, unarmed, covert, law enforcement individuals depending on your facility’s requirement.


Coupled with flexible monitoring solutions, check-in check-out systems, real-time officer support, our security guard services in TX are truly matchless.

Keep Your Facility in Good Order

Prevent large-scale repairs and renovations by maintaining your property’s fire extinguishers, waste recycling equipment, and elevators. Sudden fire incidents, furnishing repairs, and HVAC faults can lead to costly repairs.


Hire certified technicians and inspectors to keep your property in good order. Our regular inspections can identify malfunctioning sprinklers, smoke detectors, heating systems, and elevators.


Promptly fixing such problems can save you from dangerous accidents and life-threatening hazards.


As a leading, all-in-one facility management solutions provider in Texas, we service multi-location businesses with end-to-end support. Our competent fire protections services, waste removal services, customized preventive maintenance, and licensed fire suppression services produce guaranteed results.


Whether you’re looking for a trained facilities maintenance team or professional HVAC, electric system, and licensed fire alarm system inspectors, we have them all.


We provide services in all of the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico. Email us at Inquiry@FacilitiesUSA.com for further information.





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