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Streamlined Facility Management Services in Nevada

The Silver State of the U.S., Nevada, is the most famous for being the home to Las Vegas. But there’s more to the State than just that. From aerospace to construction, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, information technology, and tourism, Nevada has a plethora of booming industries.

The days of Nevada are abuzz with business activities while the nights have a charm of their own as the State boasts of its largest casino city in the world.

In recent years, Nevada has seen its population grow, with 3.03 million people now calling the State home. This has also led to a boost in economic activities in Nevada. Many credit the bustling economy to the ease of doing business and the opportunities the Silver State offers locals and outsiders.

Facilities USA is a proud facility management partner for many of the leading businesses in Nevada across different industries. We have had the honor to cater to our clients’ streamlined facility management, commercial waste management, and fire protection needs in Nevada over the last few years.

What Do We Do?

Facilities USA has over 30 years of experience in offering its clientele the following services:

Why Choose Us?

At Facilities USA, we take pride in our capabilities to uphold the highest industry standard that aligns with our clients’ business goals. We offer diverse solutions and facility management support to our clients across 30 trades in the U.S, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

We showcase our industry expertise, years of experience, and resourcefulness through our network of affiliate partners spread across the country. Our customer service is nothing less than superior, and our technology is a perfect fit to cater to the needs of modern-day businesses in Nevada.

Facilities USA offers commercial waste management solutions, works as a fire protection contractor, and provides expertise when it comes to the preventative maintenance of HVAC systems, fire alarm systems, and equipment.

With clients spread across the hospitality, healthcare, finance, construction, manufacturing, and service industry, we have had the privilege to gain insight into numerous industries. Our wide network of affiliate partners, agile processes, and skill set of the team make us one of the most reliable facility management solutions providers in the U.S.

We are based out of New York but have a wide reach across the U.S., including Nevada. By engaging us for your commercial waste management, preventative maintenance, and fire protection needs, you can be at peace knowing that your facility is in capable hands.

Customized and tailored solutions, dedicated account managers, and a money-back guarantee make us a unique facility management company to work with. We take pride in our customer service, technology, and expertise which has allowed us to facilitate our clients since 1991.

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