4 Commercial Property Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

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To stay on top of building maintenance, property managers must keep track of a number of things. Structures should be inspected regularly to ensure necessary updates, maintain cleanliness, ensure up-to-date safety measures, and address property damage. Regular inspections and good planning are important to ensure that your commercial property can be used for a long time without incurring hefty repair expenses.

Here’s our facilities management solutions provider in NYC outlining 4 commercial property maintenance tips you should follow.

1. Perform routine maintenance on every piece of equipment

Performing routine maintenance on every piece of equipment is critical. If you fail to do so, you’ll end up encountering inconvenient and expensive problems down the line. When it comes to maintaining equipment, it’s important to be proactive. To do so, it’s best to have a checklist of every piece of equipment in the commercial building. This way, you’ll never miss out on dealing with an important issue.

Do regular inspection on items that are left idle for a long time and on equipment that’s used more frequently. Equipment like plumbing, elevators and air conditioning are just a few examples of what should be checked once every year at least.

2. Schedule routine energy efficiency checks

Since energy efficiency directly affects the bottom line, it’s crucial for commercial buildings. By cutting back on utilities, you’ll be contributing to the environment as well.

 To do this, hire a trained professional who will perform a building energy audit. These professionals will come up with an efficient plan for the next steps of your commercial facility and suggest upgrades that could save you some bucks in the long run.

3. Inspect the facility for water damage frequently

If water isn’t regulated properly, it can be destructive. Therefore, attending to the insides of your commercial building regularly is necessary. Since water can cause mold and mildew, it’s dangerous in a variety of ways.

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In fact, mold and mildew may considerably affect people with respiratory problems or allergies. This is why drying any damp areas is essential to ensure proper ventilation within the facility. If you notice water damage, get to its source instantly to prevent more problems in the future.

4. Regularly inspect the exterior

Since commercial buildings are a huge investment, they must last as long as possible. Notice any cracks or other signs of weakness in the building’s exterior. The outside includes a number of essential components like doors, vents, siding, and building materials. To avoid problems in the future, they must be maintained properly.

It’s also important to keep your building clean by carrying out pressure washing, window care, and carpet cleaning. By cleaning your property’s surface using these techniques, you’ll be able to remove grime, dirt, algae growth, and rust, which will preserve the integrity of your building’s structure.

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