What is Electronics Disposal and Why You Must Pay Attention to It?

A pile of e-waste

According to a 2021 report, the world has outweighed the Great Wall of China with its 63.3 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste). Also known as EOL (End-Of-Life) of electronics, e-waste is the fastest growing stream of wastes that contribute to global landfills.

In recent years, responsible businesses have started to include proper electronic disposal in their sustainability practices. So whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you should also learn about electronic disposal and ensure that you have a plan to curb this menace at your end.

But first, let’s explain to you what e-waste is.

What is Electronic Waste?

Electronic waste, e-waste, and e-scrap are all the names used for disposing of electronic devices. Computers, mobile phones, batteries, microwaves, cables, and all other kinds of electronic items can become e-waste. E-waste occurs when an electronic device reaches its EOL and is no longer useful for a business.

So just like you have a commercial waste management solution to dispose of paper, cardboard, and plastic. You will need an electronic disposal and recycling plan to ensure that your printer, telephones, or hard drives don’t end up in the landfill.

Why Should You Pay Attention to E-Waste?

Here are some reasons to prioritize electronic disposal and recycling.

Minimize Landfill Contribution

According to EPA, 70 percent of electronic waste ends up in landfills. As more and more businesses upgrade technology and get rid of old hardware, the more you’ll be adding to the already brimming landfill.

A pile of disposed batteries

Prevent Legal Problems

Various states have laws regarding the special disposal of electronic goods. You may not know, but improper disposing of electronic items from your business might land you in legal trouble and hefty fines.

Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

Every time you dispose of an electronic good, you’re adding to the greenhouse emission that will take place by producing new raw material. However, if you opt for electronic waste recycling, you may be able to salvage some goods and reduce the need to produce virgin materials.

Promote Healthy and Safe Practices

Improper disposal of electronic items contaminates the environment with lead, mercury, and many other hazardous materials. By ensuring safe electronic disposal, you will promote health and environment-oriented practices and play your part as a sustainable business.

Don’t Do it Yourself!

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