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Five Mistakes You’re Making with Multi-Location Business That’s Costing Money

If you’re among the 1.8 million business owners who have expanded to more than one location, kudos to you!

Opening a new outlet while you’re successfully running a business in a flagship location isn’t an easy task. Multi-location businesses have their unique challenges, dynamics, and processes that take time to settle in. However, many small business owners dream of expanding their business to multiple locations and do so excitedly when the opportunity arises.

But are you losing more money than you were making with a single outlet? Is your waste removal costing you more than purchasing? Below are five mistakes you might be making with a multi-location business that’s costing you money. Take a look to see if you need to make any changes.

Expanding Without Backup

The prospect of opening a new location and turning it into a chain is exciting. But did you think about backup finances or building a cushion for yourself when expanding? Most businesses spend at least half a year to break even. During this time, having a financial cushion is essential to run the new store without burdening the first one.

Not Thinking of Commercial Waste Management

This may surprise you, but commercial waste management solutions can help you bring down costs. If you’re operating in more than one location, it’s smart to hire a commercial waste management company to audit your waste, manage, and then recycle it.

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Forgetting Uniformity

If you have been offering a certain type of customer service in your first location, you ought to replicate it in the new place. A lack of uniformity in customer experiences will drive your customers away and cost you much more than money. You will also lose the reputation your original location developed.

Not Investing in Fire Safety

You must ensure the safety of your employees and customers in every location and appoint licensed fire protection services for regular fire alarm maintenance and testing.

Fix Your Multi-Location Business with Us!

Are you making any of the mistakes we have listed above? Then make an effort to fix the issues right away. If you’re looking for end-to-end facility management service, then get in touch with us at Facilities USA.

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