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Fire Protection Services: Everything You Need to Know About a One-Stop Fire Prevention Solution for Your Business

According to surveys by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, around 200 fires happen in facilities and workplaces daily. These fires lead to significant financial loss as business owners have to spend a lot of money on restoring their buildings, fixing structural damage, and buying new equipment and resources. More importantly, these fires are a huge safety hazard for employees and regular customers. OSHA has stated that around 5000 people are significantly injured in business and workplace fires annually. Some of these injuries are fatal, which results in the loss of precious lives.

Businesses that experience constant fire hazards also build a negative reputation in the market. So it shouldn’t be surprising that businesses need to opt for fire protection services for prevention purposes. This blog discusses everything you need to know about getting fire protection services for your business.

What Are Fire Protection Services?

As the name suggests, fire protection services are responsible for securing a residential or commercial facility from fires. These services use different techniques and follow industry standards to ensure that a business facility is equipped with protective machinery that can prevent fires in the first place. Additionally, fire protection services also use procedures that can detect fires in buildings and prevent them. Some fire protection services also train employees at a workplace, letting them know how to handle emergency fires and life-threatening situations.

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How Do Fire Protection Services Work?

Fire protection services are a one-stop solution to any fire or safety hazards in the workplace.

Since the entire purpose of fire protection services is to protect people and businesses from the consequences of fire and other safety hazards, they start by inspecting the existing condition of a building. Almost all fire protection teams have highly-trained inspectors who visit commercial buildings and ensure they have the required fire protection and safety equipment.

In the case when fire protection equipment isn’t present, these inspectors recommend installing or purchasing the right machinery that can prevent or extinguish fires when needed. However, if the fire protection equipment is present, a fire protection service inspects those and ensures they’re in optimal working condition and meet industry requirements.

If the machinery isn’t in working condition, a fire protection team can repair or replace it as required. These fire safety equipment include fire sprinklers, fire alarm systems, and fire extinguishers. A professional fire protection service also checks different parts of your building to ensure that it doesn’t have any hazards that might lead to a fire.

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What Does a One-Stop Fire Protection System Include?

Fire protection services revolve around building and maintaining the ultimate fire protection and prevention system. An entire fire protection system consists of the following equipment.

  • A sprinkling system that suppresses fire by emitting wet, dry, anti-freeze, or deluge pumps
  • Other fire suppression systems like carbon monoxide emitters or foam-releasing solutions
  • Fire hydrants and extinguishers available on every story
  • Mass notification systems like calls or texts that are sent if the fire or smoke is detected
  • Fire alarms and monitoring systems that detect smoke
  • High-tech cameras and surveillance systems on and off-site can deduce the presence of fire, determining the exact location where it’s present.

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Why Should Your Business Invest in Fire Protection Services?

Even though businesses can purchase these fire protection equipment themselves and use them to prevent fires in the first place, it’s better to hire third-party facility managers to prevent fires in the workplace. Here’s why businesses need to invest in professional fire protection services.

Prevents Downtime

One of the most significant consequences of a fire is that it halts your business for some time. Depending on the level and type of fire and the damage it caused, you will have to wait a long time before you can start your operations again. A fire protection service ensures that your business follows all required precautions to prevent fires. Without a fire damaging your building and machinery, your employees can continue working and don’t have to deal with significant downtime.

A fire alarm installed by a fire protection service

Reduces Financial Loss

You’ll face significant financial loss if your business stops working for weeks or months. For this time, you’ll have to pay the rent of other buildings that your business might use, vendor fees, and employees’ salaries without getting any money from selling your products or services.

But that’s not the only financial loss that happens due to a fire. Workplace fires can damage buildings and equipment and you’ll have to spend a lot of money to repair them. A professional fire protection company has highly-trained officers that reduce financial losses by preventing fires at all costs.

Allows You to Apply for Insurance

Despite taking these preventive measures, you can claim insurance if a fire happens and damages your business facility. But that’s only possible if you have proper documentation to show that the fire didn’t happen because of mismanagement. A fire protection service documents routine inspection and maintenance, which shows that your business isn’t responsible for the fire, helping your insurance claim.

Prioritizes Employee Safety

A one-stop fire protection service has highly-trained inspectors and officers prioritizing employee safety by preventing fires. Their team ensures that your business facility is safe for all employees and that working for you wouldn’t put them at risk.

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Searching for a Professional Fire Protection Service for Your Business? Reach Out to Facilities USA

With the help of a fire protection service, you can save your employees, customers, buildings, and materials from the consequences of a fire. At Facilities USA, we offer top-notch fire protection services. Our team inspects fire extinguishers and replaces or repairs them if needed. Additionally, our fire protection services conduct emergency light testing to ensure that lighting devices are working and ready for emergencies like sudden blackouts due to fires. Our fire protection team also ensures that business facilities have working fire alarms and fire sprinkling systems.

Our fire and safety inspections stick to industry regulations, helping businesses prevent fires at all costs. Besides offering fire protection services, our team also provides waste management solutions to ensure that commercial waste doesn’t become a fire hazard. Our electrical and plumbing service providers are also responsible for safe electronic disposal, which results in fire prevention.

Reach out to us and get one-stop fire protection services, waste removal services, and regular inspections from Facilities USA.


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