Elevator Maintenance for Commercial Buildings

Elevator Maintenance Checklist for Commercial Buildings — What to Include

Did you know that every year approximately 17,000 people suffer from elevator-related injuries? Elevator malfunctions are not only dangerous, but they can also burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, an average elevator breakdown can cost anywhere between $2000 and $20,000, depending on the extent of the damage. However, this cost can easily be avoided by maintaining commercial elevators regularly and ensuring that they comply with safety regulations.

The easiest way to do this is to create an elevator maintenance checklist and follow it to the tee. Having a checklist in your hand can help you in ensuring that no malfunctions are overlooked and that the elevator is safe for everyone. To make things easier for you, we have created an elevator maintenance for commercial buildings checklist. Make sure to cross out all the items on the elevator maintenance checklist before you give the clearance.

Outside the Elevator

  • Inspect the door panels.
  • Check the elevator lights on all the floors and replace them if burned.
  • Test the fire alarm system and the smoke detector.

Inside the Elevator

  • Make sure that the elevatordoor can be opened and closed without any obstruction.
  • Find burned-out lights and replace them.
  • Check the functions of the control panel and replace the malfunctioning ones.
  • Search for any sign of damage on the elevatorwalls, handrails, and ceilings and get them repaired.
  • Test the emergency phone and ensure that it connects to the local fire department or 911.
  • Test the deceleration, acceleration, and levelling accuracy of the elevatoras it moves up and down.
  • Ensure that the door restrictor functions efficiently.
  • Open and close the elevatordoor to ensure that it works properly and does not slam or bounce into one another.

In the Machine Room

  • Check the oil levels of the elevatorand make sure that all the systems are well-lubricated.
  • Test the fire alarm system and the smoke detector.
  • Inspect the machine room and get rid of anything that can cause interference with equipment.
  • Ensure that there is enough headroom for the elevator
  • Examine all the electrical wiring. In case you see any signs of defects or fraying, get the wiring repaired as soon as possible.

In the Pit

  • Ensure that the pit can be easily accessed.
  • Check the elevator for any signs of damage.
  • Inspect the pit to ensure that it meets the necessary clearance requirements.
  • Make sure that the GFI outlet, lights, and stop switch function properly.
  • Clean the pit.
  • Inspect the spring buffers for signs of corrosion on the secure attachment and alignment cable.
  • Check the travel cable for snags, pinches, and wear.
  • Inspect all the visible components of the pit, including guide rails, rollers, switches, and safeties.

Cabling System

  • Check the sump pump and make sure that it is working properly. Clean it if required.
  • Inspect the hoistway and look for signs of vandalism, rodents, or fire issue.
  • Examine the elevator’s cables for any signs of wear.
  • Make sure that the emergency stop button is working correctly.
  • Examine the rollers, levelling mechanism, and rails.

On Top of the Elevator

  • Check the cables for any signs of wear and tear.
  • Walk through the emergency exit hatch to ensure it can be easily accessed.
  • Look for any signs of vandalism or rodents.
  • Test the brakes of the elevator.
  • Inspect the mechanism to ensure that the elevatoris in good condition.
  • Remove any debris, dirt, or grime from the top of the elevator.

Note that these pointers are only the tip of an iceberg and can vary depending on the model and type of elevator in your commercial property.

Elevator Maintenance for Commercial Buildings

Effective Elevator Maintenance | Tips and Tricks

Are you new to the world of elevators, and following the above-mentioned elevator maintenance checklist seems overwhelming? Here are some tips and tricks to address elevator maintenance issues professionally.

● Check the Elevator Doors Daily

According to statistics, jammed doors are the cause of more than 70% of elevator emergency calls. You can simply minimize the risk by examining the elevator doors every day. Look for signs of debris or scratches on the door lining. Note that neglecting any of these malfunctions can have a serious impact on how the elevator operates and can increase the risk of entrapment and breakdowns.

● Maintain a Repair Logbook

This is the most effective elevator maintenance tip. All you need to do is identify elevator malfunctions, damages, and issues and write them down in a logbook. Recording all the issues will help you in determining the root cause and ensuring that the elevator is working efficiently at all times. Therefore, write down even the smallest elevator malfunction and let the repair company know of it.

● Perform Regular Inspections

Instead of appointing a day to inspect the elevator, we recommend performing regular inspections. Check the interior walls for signs of vandalism, test the buttons to ensure that they are working properly, and search for any damaged electrical wires.

● Don’t Try to Clean the Elevator Yourself

Until and unless you know how to clean an elevator, don’t try doing it yourself. While cleaning an elevator might seem like an easy task, it requires expertise and specialized equipment. DIY methods will only bring more damage to the elevator’s interior and can lead to corrosion of the sensitive parts. Therefore, simply hire a professional elevator maintenance company for the task.

● Never Make Random Changes

Whether you want to replace a broken elevator switch or button, never do it yourself. Instead, hire a professional elevator maintenance company for the job. Remember that your job is to only note any abnormalities and contact a professional when something is wrong.

Wrapping It Up!

Having a well-defined elevator maintenance for commercial buildings checklist can not only make inspections easier but also help cut down costly repairs, minimize the risk of accidents, and ensure that the elevator is working efficiently and smoothly. When drafting your elevator maintenance checklist, make sure that it has all the aforementioned pointers.

Whether it’s the pit, the cables, the top of the elevator, or the machinery, ensure to double-check every wire and component. In case all of this is a lot for you to handle, hire USA Facilities for elevator and escalator maintenance services. Our professionals will inspect every nook and corner of the elevator and will make sure that it works perfectly. To learn more about our elevator maintenance services, commercial waste recycling services, commercial waste management, and fluorescent light bulb recycling services, reach out to us or send us an email at inquires@FacilitesUSA.com.


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