Custom waste management solutions

designed forthe demands of your business


Waste assessment

Clients of Facilities USA benefit from having our team of experts look into their current waste and recycling accounts and assess service levels across all their locations. We determine optimal levels of service and customize solutions for each individual location that has been audited. After the best service providers for each location have been sourced, we take the daily responsibilities of the account off the client’s hands and monitor long term pricing and service fluctuations for them. In any instance of a problem on the hauler or client side of things, we will act as the representative of your company to assure that any and all problems are dealt with quickly and with finesse.


Commercial waste disposal

We offer solutions for any size storefront or business in the US and Canada. Rear and front load containers are available in any size. We can provide you with roll off containers for bigger square footage locations or for one time uses such as office cleanouts or store renovations. If you wish to have a compactor on site, we can coordinate the sale or lease of one and set up service.


Commercial recycling

We have a dedicated team that keeps up-to-date with the recycling trends in the country. Allow us to conduct an assessment of your needs and we will determine the best size recycling container for your locations. Single stream and cardboard only services are available anywhere you need them.


Special disposal

No matter your disposal needs, we got you covered. We can make getting rid of old electronics hassle free by having someone come pick up directly at your office. We provide environmentally safe and compliant recycling of fluorescent light bulbs. If your company is renovating, moving, or closing your office, we can provide a variety of cleanout options. We can also make arrangements for shredding documents containing sensitive information.


Save time and hassle with our streamlined, sustainable waste management solutions. Contact us today to get started.


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