4 Tips for Fire Safety in the Workplace

Despite the development and advancement of fire prevention technologies, the failure to incorporate such facilities within workplace premises has led to an increasing number of workplace hazards due to a fire breaking out. 20% more people die from fire hazards at work now than in 2009.

This is a clear indication that more strict measures are required to ensure safety within workplaces regarding fire hazards. Here are a few ways to ensure this:

Identify Fire Risks Within Your Office

The first thing to do is to figure out what parts of your office could cause a fire to break out. It will require a thorough inspection of the premises to locate any installations that run the risk of going up in flames. The main culprits are electrical appliances, circuits that are overheating, and exposed wiring. 

A switch box with exposed wiring

A switch box with exposed wiring

Heating appliances such as a heater can also lead to a fire taking place in your office, so make sure all of these are routinely looked after and maintained.

Installing Fire Safety Appliances

In the unfortunate event of a fire taking place, you can mitigate damage by having safety appliances installed to deal with the issue. An automatic fire alarm would the first, as it goes off right as it detects fire in its vicinity.

A fire extinguisher with a hose.

A fire extinguisher with a hose.

A fire sprinkler system can make your life easier, as it sprays down water to stop the fire. Buildings with complete fire sprinkler coverage have had 96% of their fires stopped by the sprinklers.

Training Your Employees to Deal with Fire Hazards

Your employees must be instructed on how to use the fire extinguisher, ringing the fire alarm safely in case your office is equipped with a manual alarm. Both these operations have proper procedures and techniques that your workers need to be aware of. Knowing how to evacuate safely while making sure your colleagues are safe if the fire is starting to get out of hand is also crucial.

Calling Fire Protection Specialists

Fire protection services monitor the various appliances and installations that a workplace will require in the event of a fire. They test the devices to ensure they meet the codes and standards set by the NFPA. Fire alarms and extinguishers will be installed if absent on the premises or replaced if not functioning properly. 

Emergency lighting and the fire sprinkler system are also tested on a routine basis to ensure the devices’ reliability. Licensed fire suppression services emphasize proper documentation, keeping track of each iteration of inspection.

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