Hire Fire Protection Services: 5 Reasons to Make Workplace Fire Protection A Priority

The need for appropriate fire protection in commercial facilities is even bigger. According to the US Fire Authority, there are hundreds of thousands of fires in non-residential buildings yearly in the US alone.

Moreover, there has been a 30% increase in fires in the last decade. These fires also cause billions of dollars of loss every year. These statistics paint a dire picture, so fire protection needs to be a priority in the workplace.

Fire extinguishers are crucial to fire protection

Fire extinguishers are crucial to fire protection

However, it’s no secret that it can be tricky for businesses and facilities to fully implement fire protection measures with the rules and regulations involved. And that is precisely why you need reliable and expert fire protection services.

1. Meeting Safety Standards

When you hire fire protection services, you’re not only making your commercial facility compliant with safety standards; you’re also improving the safety of everyone present in your facilities.

For instance, Facilities USA ensures that all your fire protection equipment is up to the mark and compliant with the National Fire Protection Association codes.

2. Regular Inspections

If fire protection were only about installing all the required equipment, there wouldn’t be any need for inspections. However, inspections are crucial to workplace fire protection.


Fire protection services ensure all your equipment is up to mark

By hiring fire protection services, you can put your mind at ease, knowing that experts will regularly inspect all the equipment. Despite everything, fire incidents can happen, so it is important to ensure that all the equipment is up to mark.

3. Timely Maintenance

Not all fire protection equipment requires maintenance. However, one of the most crucial pieces of equipment, the sprinkler system, does require regular and timely maintenance. Similarly, fire extinguishers also need to be refilled.

When you hire a company for fire protection services, all of this will be taken care of without any hassle, including proper maintenance for your fire extinguishers and fire alarm system.

4. Proper Safety Equipment

Finding fire safety equipment isn’t much of a problem these days. However, not all buildings are made equal, which means that you’ll need a tailored safety plan as per the needs of your facilities.

Hiring the right fire protection services will mean that you get precisely the safety equipment you need. This will include fire extinguishers, emergency lights, fire alarms, and sprinkler systems.

5. Added Protection and Peace of Mind

Lastly, when you make fire protection a priority by hiring a fire protection specialist, you will ensure your facilities are protected from fire. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy peace of mind that not only is your investment protected but so are the people working in your facilities.

At Facilities USA, we offer comprehensive fire protection services in the US and Canada. Our 30 years of experience serving retail, commercial, residential, and hospitality facilities means that you’re working with the best for your fire protection needs.

We also offer customized solutions for your facilities, so get in touch with us now to get started. Get a quote or email us at Inquiry@FacilitiesUSA.com.


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