The Hazards of Elevators and Escalators

Pressing button in an elevator

Pressing button in an elevator

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission,around 30 people die, and 17,000 are seriously injured in elevator and escalator accidents annually in the United States.

Preventative maintenance for elevators and escalators can reduce the risk of accidents and potential harm to people’s safety. Our experts at Facilities USA care for your wellbeing—here’s a list of potential hazards to watch for when it comes to elevators and escalators.

Getting Caught

One of the biggest hazards, especially with escalators, is clothing or body parts getting caught in them. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), almost 20 percent of escalator-related injuries were caused by a person’s clothing or body part getting caught in the mechanism. These injuries are most common in kids below the age of 5 and can even result in fatalities.

Close up of an escalator

Close up of an escalator


When it comes to falls, the hazards that posethe greatest threats to one’s safety and life include tripping on escalators and falling. The CPSC estimates that falling down is the cause of 75 percent of the total escalator injuries every year in the US.

There have also been incidents of people falling into elevator shafts. In the case of elevators, it is mostly installation and maintenance staff that have been injured from falls and various other incidents, but it is not uncommon for passengers to also get injured and even die from these hazards.


Malfunctions in elevators and escalators can include speeding up, reversing its original direction, and even dropping to the ground abruptly. The power going out in an elevator that leads to air vents, lights, and the elevator itself from working can cause asphyxiation among claustrophobic people. This may lead to breathing issues and severe mental trauma that could take the victim months and even years to recover from.

Proper maintenance and repairs are necessary on the part of building owners to ensure that incidents that could prove to be harmful to the safety of passengers do not take place.

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