3 Things to Consider When Hiring Security Guards for Your Company

Security guards standing outside a building

Security guards standing outside a building

The United States Department of Justice has strict laws againstsecurity breaches through both physical and electronic means. Crime in the workplace costs US businesses losses of 50 billion dollars annually.  

Having an efficient security system in place and hiring reliable security guards isnecessary to protect the interests of your company and employees from those who may want to cause harm. Here are some things you need to consider when hiring security guards for your company.

Security Company

When a business usually hires security guards, they sign a contract with a security company thatis responsible for the entire security system and personnel for the business. This involves installing CCTV cameras, alarm systems, motion sensors, glass break detectors, etc. This system is usually based on four main components:protection, detection, verification, and reaction.

The security of your entire organization is at risk. This is why it is crucialto hire a reputable security company with experience in the security industry compared to a relatively unknown one. The guards affiliated with or under the company will usually be trained and licensed specifically for their jobs.

Security camera surveillance

Security camera surveillance

Training and Experience

Another important thing to pay attention to when hiring professional security guards is their training and experience. You should ask questions like the kind of training they have gone through, what experiences they have in the field, and monitor the proficiency of their technical skills with the security equipment as well as the weapons they possess. Hiring a veteran who has been working in the security industry for years is better than employing an amateur who may not have experience dealing with difficult situations or may not know how to handle a weapon properly.

Interpersonal Skills

Security guards need to be able to maintain their composure and remain calm in difficult situations. Interpersonal skills and good interactional abilities with people make them seem reliable and trustworthy. The security guards you hire should be able to deal with people effectively, which includes calming them down in an aggressive situation, dealing with the matter professionally, and working in a team with other colleagues. These are some qualities that are necessary when looking for a guard you can entrust the safety of your employees with.   

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