3 Necessary Security Precautions to Take for Your Building

Building security is a top priority for the facility manager to ensure the safety of the people inside.

Security threats are always a huge concern, especially after 9/11, a terrorist attack that shook the world—after that, keeping commercial and public buildings secure and safe became a matter of priority. However, as security technology advances, so does the creativity of criminals. 

Hence, in today’s challenging security environment, keeping buildings safe and being prepared for any dangerous situation is essential. 

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We’ve briefly mentioned some necessary security precautions to help if the unpredictable happens at your facility.

Secure Your Perimeter

First thing first, there must be a dedicated area to greet and check in visitors, where you can see IDs of people entering the building and maintain a record if possible. Securing your building’s dark and blind spots is the first line of defense. Start with employing a team that assesses the areas where adequate lighting is required, such as dark hallways, stairs, break areas, and parking lots.

There are also internal and external motion-activated lights that provide security even when no one is around. Moreover, keep the landscaping maintained with a proper trim to prevent someone from hiding there.

Security Cameras

A closed-circuit TV system is an effective tool to monitor your building around the clock. This is more useful for larger commercial buildings for maximum area coverage. Additionally, consider installing an “airlock” door system entry to oversee all the entries and exits with extended footage. Get help from professionals to install a wide range of security cameras and video surveillance that fits the safety needs of your commercial property.

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Consult With a Security Provider

The best bet is to bring experts on board to increase your building’s safety and mitigate risks in a better way. They will guide you properly about your facility’s protection and security planning and identify steps that can help you deal with different emergencies.

If the security threat is extensive, they can assist you in bridging the gap with local law enforcement agencies. It’s always beneficial to get professional insight into any aspect of facility management.

We know how important the security of your building is for you, and Facilities USA caters to all of those concerns. Our expert team will help mitigate all risks and offer you full-service facilities solutions in New York City for your safety needs. Contact us now for customized preventative maintenance services


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