Making Your Office Fire-Safe in 2022

Whether in office or home, fire safety should be taken seriously to reduce the likelihood of fire. In commercial spaces, employers have to abide by the legal requirements to ensure the workers are not in any danger. Fireproofing your office should be prioritized for the benefit of the employees and the company. 

This year, make your office fireproof by considering these factors. 

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Have You Checked Your Electrical Systems?

Working in an office means dealing with electrical equipment such as telephones, printers, photocopiers, computers, desk lamps, etc. Such environments are prone to the greatest risks to fire safety; hence, they should be minimized. Check all the equipment regularly to see if they are used correctly and not damaged. In case you find some damage, remove them from use right away. 

Is Your Fire Detection System Working Properly?

How often do you check systems that warn you about fire or smoke?

You must test all warning systems regularly as they are often ignored or not maintained after installation. Ensure all your alarms are in working condition and schedule a thorough checkup each month. You can also hire professionals and create a plan for frequent tests to ensure every employee can hear it when it triggers a warning alarm.  

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Is An Emergency Escape Route Accessible To All Workers? 

When was the escape route checked last time? Is it easily accessible? Are there any obstructions on the way? 

It is a legal requirement for all businesses to have an emergency exit emplaced for employees to access in case of fire. Keep an eye on the route of taking them safely outside to avoid any fire hazards. You may have a designated corridor or a door down the office staircase that can be used in the event of a fire. Ensure no objects like plants and chairs are blocking the escape route for employees.

In addition to the above factors, it is also important to educate and train employees, create a designated smoke break area, and employ competent fire wardens who can effectively take care of the situation. 

Looking To Protect Your Office from Fire?

At Facilities USA, our fire protection services are developed to help you make your office safe. Hire our fire prevention specialist to test fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems professionally at your workplace. Contact us now for more info about your commercial needs.


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