Pest Control Techniques For Retail Stores That Work Wonders

Whether it’s a mosquito or a rodent, pests can be an annoyance in your lives. They don’t just destroy your emotional well-being but also pose several health concerns. They spread diseases and make it uncomfortable to dwell in offices.

When left untreated, a pest infestation may appear to be a minor issue, but it may quickly escalate into a serious situation. Pest control services are your only option for dealing with these pests.

Here are a few ways to control pest infestation in your retail stores.

a group of bees surrounding a wooden furniture piece

Avoid Eating and Drinking In the Facility

Where there’s food, there’s a team of ants swarming. Therefore it’s crucial to ensure you clean your stores regularly and remove any food source that can attract ants to your store. This will significantly help reduce ant infestation in your retail stores.

You can have separate dining rooms where the staff members or the visitors to your facility can enjoy their meals. This will ensure that no food particle is left in the main store that can potentially attract ants.

You can use ant traps for those who have already entered as they’re highly effective. Pesticide sprays are also a common alternative, but it’s better to stay away from them as they are harmful to ants and human health.

Spray Vinegar

You might also have silent intruders in your store. These inconspicuous invaders are challenging to detect, but the damage they cause is significant. They’ll silently make their way into the hanging rack of clothes and in no time damage your entire stock.

If you see moths fluttering around, it’s a warning your inventory is in danger. Place sticky traps at different locations across your store. You can also use vinegar to ward off moths. Spray vinegar at possible entry points to ward them off.

Traps for Rodents and Mice at Possible Entry Points

Rodents carry several diseases, including Black Death and Hantavirus, which can be fatal. Rodent infestation is an alarming sign to pay attention to your store’s cleanliness as it has become a severe issue.

Add rodent and rat traps at possible entry points and get your drains and pipes inspected for any signs of rodents. Allowing a rodent infestation in your retail store to fester for too long can cause significant damage.

It poses a threat to your employees and visitors, thus impacting the productivity as well as traffic in your store. A rodent infestation can also damage your property and inventory.

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Contact Professionals

Who doesn’t despise spiders? These hairy, creepy crawlies are a nightmare for many. About 15% of US citizens have arachnophobia, commonly known as the fear of spiders. Spiders can scare and bounce off your potential customers.

Therefore it’s significant to get rid of them as soon as possible. Just link ants spiders also are attracted by the food smell. Therefore the best way to avoid spider infestation is to keep food sources away from your store

If the issue has become severe, you might also need to contact a professional, as pesticide sprays are not effective on spiders.

Contact the specialists at Facilities USA, and we’ll help you effortlessly get rid of these unwelcome visitors with our effective pest control services. We also offer storefront cleaningfire and life safety protection, elevator and escalator maintenance, and several other services to keep your business running smoothly.

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