Waste Management Industry Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

With the increasing population, the amount of waste generated each year has also drastically increased. Studies reveal that in 2021 the total solid waste generated was approximately 300 million tons across the United States.

This rapidly growing waste production is concerning as most of it ends up in the ocean polluting the water and endangering marine life or the landfills, posing a threat to land life and hastening environmental destruction.

Several organizations have now taken up waste management strategies to protect the environment. This blog will discuss a few waste management trends to look out for in 2022.

people emptying garbage bins into a truck for safe disposal and recycling

Converting Green Waste into Renewable Energy

Food waste and biodegradable waste are often the most overlooked as they can decompose and are not harmful to the environment. It’s often referred to as green waste. But this waste also needs significant attention.

This waste, which accounts for millions of tons, if taken care of, can serve as biofuels. These biofuels will be environment-friendly. Several non-governmental organizations recycle and convert this green waste into energy using a cellulose-to-sugar method. It’s one of the most effective ways to create renewable energy.

Growing Technological Influence

Waste management will continue to benefit from the technological advancements and latest technologies in more efficient ways. Researchers and engineers are researching techniques to sort waste with robots at recycling plants.

As a result, waste management will become faster, economical, and more efficient with the help of chip-enabled recycle bins and GPS compactors. Incorporating technology into waste management also helps with data collection to guarantee that the process is sustainable and that energy targets are reached.

You will be able to track product lifecycles efficiently, thus assisting business models in discarding waste properly.

a boy carrying a rolling garbage bin to the dumping ground

Sustainable Packaging

Packaging that is more environmentally friendly is gradually taking control. Single-use plastic accounts for hundreds and thousands of tons of waste ending in landfills or oceans. We utilize it daily in the form of plastic bags, surgical masks, and other daily-use items.

Companies are becoming more conscious of the problem and transitioning to more environmentally friendly packaging for their products. Firms are shifting toward recyclable and lighter packaging that is sustainable.

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