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Six Reasons Fire Drills are Essential for Your Business

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported that it responded to over one million fires in 2020. Billions of dollars were lost during these fire incidents as thousands lost their lives. These numbers indicate that American businesses cannot and must never take fire protection protocols lightly.

A major part of fire protection strategy is ensuring that each worker has adequate training and understanding of SOPs. This is in addition to an adequate supply of fire protection tools such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and plenty of exits to easily evacuate the building.

But some businesses still question the usefulness of fire drills. Some don’t pay heed to fire drills owing to the disruption it may cause to day-to-day work. Every business must know these six reasons fire drills are essential and spends time to carry them out.

Practice the Protocols

In case of a real fire incident, your workers may be clueless or too panicked to make the right call. And unfortunately, such a scenario will further worsen the damage. But if you have been carrying out fire drills, your workers will know what to do instinctively due to the frequent practice of protocols.

Identify Vulnerabilities

You may not remember, but when was the last time you had full-spectrum fire extinguisher maintenance? Do you check on a daily basis that your fire exits are working? Or do you have enough doors to accommodate the safe exit of all your staff? There may be many tiny details that businesses forget to consider. And unfortunately, tiny vulnerabilities cause the biggest damage.

Hands-On Learning

You may distribute handbooks among your employees or carry out training. But all this is bookish knowledge that many people may not remember at the time of a real fire. Therefore, OSHA recommends conducting fire training at the time of hiring and at least once a year after that for every employee. And what better way to train than giving a hands-on learning experience through a drill?

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Fire Alarm Testing

Although workplaces are required to conduct fire alarm system testing every week, you may miss a far-located alarm in the building. Fire drills allow management to check each fire alarm thoroughly, and in case there’s a loophole in the fire security, you have the chance to rectify it.

Upgraded Safety

You may spend a few days planning and executing the fire drill. On the day of the drill, your employees may spend too much time outside doing nothing. But all this is better than losing lives and/or money in case a real fire erupts. Fire drills allow businesses to upgrade the safety of their employees and property.

Stronger Reputation

And if you’re known as a business that takes its employees’ wellbeing and fire safety laws seriously, you’re sure to earn a name. A stronger reputation will ultimately result in more customers and loyal employees.

What to Do Now?

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