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Don’t Make These Six Security Staffing Mistakes!

The security services industry in the U.S. is projected to generate over $51 billion in revenues this year. All businesses, small or big, rely on security staffing services. Whether you run a retail store, a multi-location hospitality business, or operating in the finance sector, security staffing is an essential part of your business’s facilities management solutions.

But hiring the right security company for your business is even more important than hiring one at all. A misfit, inexperienced, or unreliable security staff is worse than not having any security for your business. So if you have decided to finally engage a security staffing company to deploy guards, here are some mistakes you don’t want to make.

Read and find out what are the things that can land you in trouble!

Not Vetting the Vendor

You may be tempted to just go online and type ‘security guards near me’ and hire the first agency that appears. While you may be in dire need of a security service, this isn’t the right approach.

Instead, take your time to thoroughly vet the security guard services and full-service facilities solutions services in your area. Check for years of experience, network, past clients, and anything that’s important to you. Only then hire a security staffing service that best fits your needs.

Not Asking for a Customized Plan

Security isn’t a one-size-fits-all matter. Every business, depending on its dynamics, needs a customized security plan. If the vendor isn’t willing to provide you with one, it may be better not to proceed. Look for a vendor who’s willing to listen to your demands, devise a plan that satisfies you, and doesn’t push you for a generic plan.

 Security guard looking into the camera

Not Asking for Reviews

You may have found the right security staffing company with a great reputation on social media. But how can you judge their service? Ask for past customer reviews and inquire about the security staffing company in your business circle. You may also want to look at Better Business Bureau for the potential candidate’s ranking and reputation.

Picking the Most Affordable Vendor

You can probably pick waste removal services based on their low price point, but security staffing is different. Don’t hire the vendor offering the lowest prices as you may be compromising on experience, resourcefulness, and skilled guards. You’re spending money on guard service to ensure you don’t lose any in case of any incident; hire cautiously!

Not Thinking Long-Term

You may just need one or two guards today, but what about tomorrow? As your business grows, you’ll need more security staff. Is the security staffing service equipped to help you scale up? Don’t hire a company with limited resources and a small staffing network.

Not Emphasizing on Preventive Approach

Security is more about a preventive approach than aggressive. Don’t hire a company that’s not ready to talk about preventive plans. You’ll always be at risk this way!

And if you want to hire a service that offers security staff, fire protection specialists, commercial waste removal services, and customized preventive maintenance plans, get in touch with us. At Facilities USA, we have 30 years of experience, a wide network, and expertise in end-to-end facilities management solutions.


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