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Resourcing Results For 30 Years

In the modern-day concierge industry, having optimized solutions and a relentless approach to growth is a must-have tool for success. At the same, it becomes tiresome for small-scale concierge businesses to keep up with the competitive industry’s standards and remain relevant.

For such concierge companies that seek to provide their clients with the best of service and resourcefulness, Facilities USA comes into the picture. We assist you in seamlessly running your concierge business while we do the heavy-lifting in time-sensitive and crucial situations.

With 30 years of industry experience and expert staff on the panel, we have accumulated resources that yield results. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help you grow your concierge business, reach out to us.

We have customized solutions, robust infrastructure, and various other tools to get the job done. No matter what your clients ask of you, you can count on us to facilitate your operations and successfully run them on your behalf.


As a facility management service, we know that our clients in the concierge industry have varying needs and niche-specific requirements. This is why we have equipped ourselves with all the possible solutions for successful operational management. We cover a wide range of services across a broad spectrum of industries, so we can come up with customized services no matter what your target clientele is. In a broad sense, here's what we do.

Fire Alarm Systems Maintenance

For businesses that need fire prevention programs and fire alarm system maintenance, we have it covered for you. We offer a wide range of fire protection services that include alarm maintenance, alarm inspection, as well as repairs, and upgrades.

Waste Management

Both commercial waste management and residential waste disposal are our forte. So if you're in a fix to find an optimum waste removal solution, we are at your service. We are experienced with commercial waste recycling as well, so in case there's a need for such a task, we offer multi-location services for that too.

Staff, Security, Repair, and Much More

Facilities USA offers a broad range of facility management services. We offer end-to-end support to our clients across states and industries. Whether you have a staffing shortage or require upscale security personnel, we have everything a concierge company needs. We also offer repair, maintenance, and management services of various operational features needed to run any business successfully.


Convenient for You

Broad Range of Clients

In case you're limiting your concierge company from growth due to insufficient resources, we can help you get past this obstacle. Target a wider range of clients and expand your niche with our resources.

Reduced Operational Costs

Because we have a wide range of services to cater to your needs, you can cut down on the additional overheads and costs of running in-house operations. Enjoy the cost-effectiveness with more resourcefulness.

Gain An Edge Over the Competition

The highly-competitive concierge industry is further shrinking the size of the pie due to many new entrants and seasoned businesses. If you wish to gain an advantage over your competitors, rely on us.

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