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Hotel Preventive Maintenance Management

Over 30 Years of Experience

Running a hotel is a cumbersome task coupled with its own unique set of challenges. And making it a multi-location hotel chain, efficiently managing its facility becomes all the more daunting. This is why Facilities USA takes the burden off your shoulders as we become your facilities management, maintenance, and operations partner.

With a wide network of affiliate partners, extensive resources, and industry-specific experience, Facilities USA is the solution for those who seek to upscale their hospitality business.

From preventive maintenance schedules that include everything from fire alarm system testing and fire extinguisher maintenance to operations such as commercial waste management and waste recycling, we are an end-to-end facility management partner. Our services are broad-scoped and tailored to fit individual business needs.


In addition to the primary maintenance and operational tasks, we cover a wide range of facility management tasks. We help hotel businesses expand, excel, and become efficient with our support. Here’s what we do for the hotels we serve as our clients:


With Facilities USA as your facility management partner, you get rid of all the maintenance worries. The lighting system, fire alarm system, HVAC, and elevator maintenance are all taken care of by us. We implement preventive maintenance schedules so that your business has minimum downtime and smooth business continuity at all times.


Hoteling businesses often find it challenging to streamline their day-to-day operations. This may be because of restricted resources or experience. Facilities USA is boundless by none of these issues as our large network of affiliate partners helps us run all the facility operations seamlessly. Waste disposal, commercial waste management solutions, special waste disposal, and commercial waste recycling are all a part of the package we offer.


Lastly, managing a hotel facility is now easier and better. We cater to all your management needs. Whether you need security guards, carpentry, staff, or other management-related assistance, we are available round the clock to help your business.


Beneficial for You

Seamless Business Continuity

With a constant footfall of customers at your hotel, it can become challenging to carry out maintenance tasks. We tend to cover the backbone of your maintenance plans while you have zero downtime in your hotel business.

Improved Core Business

While micromanaging the day-to-day operations of your hotel, you may lose the oversight of your main job, i.e., to entertain your guests. This is why having Facilities USA as your partner is beneficial for you. We help you focus on the core business while we take care of the nitty-gritty operations.

Increased Customer Loyalty

A successful hotel business is made of two things: well-organized management and happy customers. When Facilities USA is managing your hotel facility, the result is happy customers who trust you as a competent service. Benefit from long-term customers who’ll never look elsewhere.

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