Maintenance Services For Universities

Facilities Maintenance Services For Schools & Universities

Funding The Future For 30 Years

The education industry is always on the lookout for solutions that will optimize its operations and improve the quality of service. At Facilities USA, we have over 30 years of experience in facilities management of schools and universities across multiple locations.

If you desire your school or university institute to become the epitome of excellence where day-to-day operations are proactively catered to, then you have come to the right place. We ensure quality facility management services to fund your mission of building a brighter, better future for the world.

Our diverse services include educational facilities management, carpentry and furniture, plumbing, security, fire alarm system maintenance, and waste management and disposal, among others. Get in touch with us to find an operational management solution that works best for you.


Facilities USA is a facilitator in the true sense. We become the backbone of your educational institute’s operations while you disburse knowledge and equip the younger generation with the right tools. As an educator, you do what you do the best. Here’s what we do with our expertise and experience:

Facility Management

We efficiently run the whole school and university facility with our array of services. We assign dedicated staff and offer round-the-clock support. Whether you require assistance with day-to-day operations or have special, challenging conditions to deal with, we have all the tools in our arsenal to help you succeed.

Waste Management

Commercial waste management and efficient waste recycling are of imperative value to educational institutes. This is where we step in with our optimized waste disposal and recycling services for the educational industry. Whatever waste management solution you seek at your university or school, we are happy to cater to it.

Security, Staffing, and Infrastructure

Schools across the world are in dire need of upgraded and robust security systems. We provide systems as well as personnel to cater to your security and staffing needs. Alongside, Facilities USA also provides fire prevention specialists to implement fire protection protocols in your facility. We ensure that your educational facility is always in optimum condition and there are no vulnerabilities.


Fruitful for You

Increased Focus

As we tend to your operational needs, you thrive in the educational sector. You can benefit from a razor-sharp focus on your core area, i.e., education, while we cover the basics of operations.

Higher Stakeholder Satisfaction

Parents, students, teaching staff, and everyone who’s a part of your facility will report a higher level of satisfaction and trust in your organization. This is because we enable our clients to achieve excellence with our services.

Rewards and Excellence

We all strive for a better future, and the educational industry is the catalyst behind this change. By ensuring that your facility management game is top-notch, we facilitate you to achieve excellence in your industry.

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