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Retail and Malls Preventative Maintenance Services

Facilitating Growth For 30 Years

Heavy footfall, the hustle-bustle, and brimming commercial activity are what describe a thriving retail and mall business. The same indicators of success also become challenges for operational and facility management as the owners struggle to find optimal solutions.

Facilities USA is an experienced facility management service providing its support for multi-location businesses. We have an extensive range of solutions for maintenance and facility management of malls, retail outlets, and businesses that boast of a higher footfall.

Whether you need fire alarm systems in place or require a smart commercial waste disposal plan, we have a lot many tools under our belt to facilitate your operations. We have the personnel, equipment, planners, and executers working in cohesion to provide you with the best possible retail and mall facility management services.

If you’re struggling to efficiently run your mall or retail business outlet, reach out to us for assistance. We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach, so rest assured that we’ll find an optimized solution that best fits your needs.


A large-scale business such as a multi-location retail chain or mall is tough to operate consistently every day. This is where our diverse range of services come in that help you achieve excellence, generate revenues, and drive growth. Here's what we do for the retail and mall industry:

Waste Management

A practical commercial waste management plan is the first step to ensuring seamless operations in a mall or retail store. Luckily, we have plenty of experience when it comes to waste management and commercial waste disposal. We know the ins and outs of managing day-to-day waste and have robust mechanisms in place to ensure that waste management doesn't deter your growth.

Fire Alarm Systems Maintenance

As you deal with tons of customers, extensive stocks, and an always-packed facility, up-to-date fire alarm systems become much more important for everyone's safety. We provide preventive maintenance schedules and periodic fire alarm system inspections to make sure that your fire alarm systems are functioning optimally. In case of a defect or trouble, we also have designated account managers to promptly resolve your issues.

Security, Staff, and Operations

We understand the challenges of running a multi-location retail chain or a mall business. This is why we cover all the basics of your operations by providing staffing, security, and operational management services. We have an array of services, including HVAC maintenance, plumbing, carpentry, lighting, landscaping, and many more, to offer end-to-end support for your facility.


Optimal for You

Greater Revenues

When we cover your operations and facility management, you'll be channelizing your resources towards the core business. As a result, you'll witness greater revenues and increased profitability in your business.

Loyal, Long-Term Customers

Customers are keen to find businesses that have streamlined operations and stringent protocols in place. When your customers witness your apt facility management, they'll be inclined to become loyal, lifelong customers.

Sustainable Brand Image

Sustainability is the biggest change in the retail and B2C industry. By implementing waste recycling protocols and showcasing your efforts to your customers, you'll garner a much-needed image of being a sustainable business.

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