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Full Service Facilities Solutions For Special Events

Streamlining Success For 30 Years

As much as it’s important to host special events for better business recognition, holding successful events is imperative. But there’s a lot that needs to be done right to achieve your project and event management goals.

From plumbing to fire alarm systems to efficient waste management plans and accurate staffing, a lot is involved and at stake. This is where Facilities USA offers specialized project management services to help you conduct successful large-scale special events.

Whether you want to plan a launch ceremony or host a destination corporate event, we have a diverse range of services to cater to your needs. From planning to execution, we are your partner every step of the way. We maximize your potential by supplementing our energy and experience into the mix.


We offer a broad range of services to ensure that your event management is up to the industry standards and your attendees’ expectations. We conceptualize the plan based on your specific requirements and help you execute it with precision. Here’s what we do for special events:

Staffing and Infrastructure

The backbone of a successful event management plan is the staff that carries out the operations. We have expert and trained staff that we provide based on your needs. In addition, we help plan the infrastructural details in accordance with your event’s scale, nature, and attendees’ requirements.

Security and Fire Alarm Systems

Whether you’re hosting an open-air event or a large-scale event in a building, having an effective fire alarm system and robust security protocol is a must. We have a range of fire protection and prevention protocols that we implement for your special events. Moreover, through our sister company, we also provide security personnel to manage the event smoothly.

Light Testing and Plumbing

If you’re hosting an outdoor event at a destination location, you require optimum lighting. Facilities USA offers emergency light testing and can also help you with the lighting of your special event. We also offer plumbing services for special events to construct an infrastructure according to your requirements.

Waste Management

Waste management is often overlooked while planning event management. But with our expert waste disposal service professionals on board, this key aspect of your event’s success will not be undermined.


Successful for You

Higher Success Rate

A diligently planned event is an event that’s meant to be successful. We optimize our solutions to best fit your needs and ensure you enjoy a higher success rate at your special events.

Streamlined Operations

A successful event requires coherence and a proactive attitude every step of the way. We streamline the project management operations by comprehensively planning and following it to the letter.

Brand Recognition

The sole purpose of holding special events is to garner attention. We help our clients achieve this very goal and benefit from a stronger brand recognition at the end of every event.

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